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My Quilting/Sewing Cottage
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Thanks for Stopping By

Thanks for Stopping By!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Two more quilts for The Wounded Soldiers

I have had these two quilts made for several months
now and am ashamed to say I am just getting
around to quilting them.
The quilts are made narrow to stay out of
the way of IVs and medical equipment
while the soldiers are on stretchers and being
taken to hospitals to get the medical attention they need
the back
I didn't have enough fabric so I left off the
stars on this one.  I think I might like it better.
and the back.
If you are interested in making any quilts you can read
about it
just click onto the tab that says Projects
and look for Stitches of Love.
You should also find an email address to find
out more.
They have so many fun projects to make.
The soliders need so many things.
I hope you have a fun week-end!!!
until later - Carol

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