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My Quilting/Sewing Cottage
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Thanks for Stopping By

Thanks for Stopping By!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Queen Quilt

Good Morning!!

This is just a simple quilt I made - I wanted to try
something with Big random blocks.
(looks like I forgot to take a tag off of a pillow- oops)
I think it makes a nice winter quilt
for the quest room!
until later - Carol

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Perry said...
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Perry said...

Love the colors of the quilt. I really like the large blocks of fabric! Great job!

Carol said...

Thanks Perry!!

SweetPete said...

Wonderful job! By chance, will you share how much fabric you used, a rough pattern, etc.? I am looking to make a large random block quilt for my bedroom.


Carol said...

I have added my pattern. Look on my new "Tutorial and pattern" page.

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