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Thanks for Stopping By!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mystery Quilt - baby and blue angel's

I decided to make Bonnie's mystery quilt this year - It's my first time.
The quilt is made up of two blocks
This is one block
and this is the other block
I still need to sew all of the block together.
I only have the blocks and the row together on the last row
So much work - and so much fun!!
I have been just taking my time, and enjoying the process - then
I remembered I need to be sewing a quilt for my new grand-daughter - -
she is supposed to arrive March 17.
My daughter had an ultra sound a few days ago and the baby is already
weighing 4lbs4oz
I really think she will come before her due date so I had to stop working
on my quilt along.
I have two quilts for the baby I want to make
and one for her mom
This is going to be so much fun!!
My Unity (Baby Lock) came with a laser light and I used it instead of marking my
fabric with lines from corner to corner and LOVED it.
I love being here at the beach and see the Blue Angels fly over to do some practice
I usually don't have my camera when they come and was so happy to have it today.
Wouldn't you know they didn't stay long today
Usually they have different colors of smoke
and flip all over the place
and are so much closer to my house
 but I still enjoyed their fast visit
I look forward to seeing them again.

and I wanted to introduce you Cricket - isn't he so cute!!
He will be one in April.
I have been jumping all over the place today!
Sorry - I just had so much to share - it's been awhile.
until next time - Carol

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