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Monday, August 5, 2013

Turtle Quilt

This little quilt was made from a panel that my Grandson found
at a quilt show we went to a few months ago.
and I have a cute story to go along with this quilt.
My daughter and I were going to the quilt show - when she
told her son to get dressed he asked where we were going (he's 5)
she told him a quilt show. He said oh no, that sounds boring!
So we got there and started looking at the quilts he looked confused.
He asked - where is the quilt show? Haha - he thought we
were going to see a movie about quilts.
He put his glove on and wanted to see the backs of almost
all of the quilts.
He is in love with turtles and found this panel while we were there.
When we were walking out to the parking lot to go home
he told me how much fun the quilt show was and to please
bring him to more shows like this.
We all had a good time!!
and the back.
until later - Carol

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vivian said...

What a cute quilt-front and back!

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