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My Quilting/Sewing Cottage
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Thanks for Stopping By

Thanks for Stopping By!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Mustache Quilt

Good Morning!!
This is my third mustache quilt and I haven't gotten tired of making them yet!
Each one is so different.
This is for my youngest grand-daughter.
I think I might add a dot border when I get back to my fabric stash in my cottage,
and some super soft fleece on the the back.
I love this black and white print. It came from Hobby Lobby.
I have used it in so many quilts and still want to buy more.
I hope you have a fun week-end!!!
until later - Carol

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Peggy Aront said...

That is so cute! Did you make your own 'stache pattern or did you have a pattern?
I have moustache fabric to make a pillow for my daughter who's obsessed with those darn things...

Peggy in NJ

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