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My Quilting/Sewing Cottage
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Thanks for Stopping By!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some Crochet Squares and a Little Rabbit

I've been busy trying to finish up a
crochet blanket for my grand-daughter
I pinned this block from Pinterest and wanted to make
it with pink, grey and white yarn for myself, but then my
grand-daughter saw it and asked me to make it for her.
How could I say no to that sweet, pretty face????
She picked out the yarn and I started to crochet.
This is will be my first granny square blanket.
It has been good practice and I have learned a lot.
I can't say that I will still be making my blanket though - hehe!
When we bought our beach house I never thought we would have a
rabbit living under our stairs. I never thought rabbits lived at the beach.
I'm a little jealous that he gets to live there and I have to go back and
forth - (giggle)
There was even a Mama fox with her babbies last year. I haven't
seen them this year but it was fun watching them grow up.
I hope you are having a fun day!
until later - Carol

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