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Thanks for Stopping By!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Penguin Cheer Block 10 and something funny

well I finally got around to doing block 10
And here he is.
I do like all of the blocks but when I looked at the pattern for
this block I couldn't figure out what was on top of the penguin.
yes I guess I'm slow but I had to read the pattern before I knew he
was wearing a sweater.
So now for the really funny part, when I finished this block I was
curious to know if I was the only slow one, so I called Mr. Y over
and asked what he thought of the block.....well he said it was very nice.
I asked - do you know what the red part is.....yes he said. Well...what
is it??? pause then he said It is a comb. hahaha! It does look like
a comb.
and a look at them together.
I do like my cute fat penguin carrying his comb in his beak.
I hope you are having a fun day doing the things you like to do.
until later - carol


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