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My Quilting/Sewing Cottage
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Thanks for Stopping By

Thanks for Stopping By!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quilts from Last Summer

Here are some pictures of the grandkids making their quilts last summer. We were in such a hurry
that I didn't get a picture of their final quilt so I snapped a picture when I took the AH quilt over.
Here is Mara long arm quilting her finished top
this is her first quilt that she has made 
she wanted to make a Paris quilt
and she did so well with this one!!
I think it is beautiful!
and this is Madison with her wonder woman quilt
this is the second quilt she has made
It turned out beautifully too!!
I had a fun time with the two girls and look forward to
more sewing time with them!!
I hope you are having a fun weekend!
until later - Carol

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